Joan Sandoval is a creative coder and digital artist interested in exploring the boundaries between technology, design and the arts. He has worked on projects spanning many disciplines including physical interfaces, performances, sound, video and light installations.

Born in Barcelona in 1993, Joan Sandoval completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. During these studies, he discovered a great interest for programming, audio and digital art. He then moved to Ireland to do a master’s degree in Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin. Since then, he has been collaborating with different studios, whith whom he has been imagining, creating and delivering unique projects for various artists, festivals and brands since 2016.

Joan also performs live under the alias Ínfim. He creates digital prints and AI experimentations under the alias faig_ai.

Ingredients he likes to cook with:
TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, Unity, Python, C++, GLSL, WebGL, Max/MSP, Ableton, Processing, Arduino

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