ARRAY [wave] by Pablo Valbuena


Array [wave] - Pablo Valbuena

Light Installation, LLUM Festival, Barcelona 2021

Array [wave] is an immersive light installation conceived to be experienced by the public-at-large on a beach, which uses light to depict the movement of an ocean wave created by the wind. It renders the volume of a virtual wave through a mathematical function and uses the elements already present on site (wind, sand and sound of the ocean) as integral parts of the installation, creating an intimate dialogue between the artwork and its location.

- Pablo Valbuena

A minimal realtime 3D simulation built with TouchDesigner that lets the artist create different tailored wave animation timelines that are then sent to physical light structures.

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Original Concept & Design: Pablo Valbuena
Software Development: Joan Sandoval
Light System Engineering: Sakma
Originally comissioned for Art Basel Miami by La Prairie