AURA by Pablo Valbuena

Aura - Pablo Valbuena

Audiovisual installation, St Paul's Cathedral, London 2023

Aura is a live installation that translates the sounds of the cathedral’s rituals into pulsating light. It listens to the sounds, voices and music generated in each ritual and transforms their frequency spectrum into a spectral aura of light projected at an architectural scale.

- Pablo Valbuena

A realtime tool built with TouchDesigner processes the live audio from various sources in the Cathedral (choir, organ, altar) and represents its frequencies on a 20-meter column of light.

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Original Concept & Design: Pablo Valbuena
Hardware: Salvador Mauri
Software Development: Joan Sandoval
Production Assistance: Hannah Standen, Kirsteen Martin, Helen Smith, Millie Walker, Craig Needs.
Installation and Logistics: Gustavo Valera, Unusual Rigging, Project Audio, Paradigm 33.
Video and Photo documentation: Malcolm Targett, Ed Reeve.