KINEMATOPE by Pablo Valbuena

Kinematope [croisement] - Pablo Valbuena

Audiovisual Installation, Paris 2018

The Kinematope series are contextual installations that respond to specific locations. They re-structure space around the experience of time and use ephemeral and intangible materials, projected light and sound, to set the space in motion.

The Kinematopes are spatial films, cinematic experiences that omit the mediation of the camera. These works transport the observer into a different layer of time while maintaining the real, physical bonds of the body with its environment.

The title of these series is also a little homage to the inspiring and pioneering work of Iannis Xenakis and his Polytopes.

- Pablo Valbuena

A series of custom Max for Live devices, developed to control upwards of 30 speakers that, depending on each light's intensity, needed to output different audible tones.

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Original Concept & Design: Pablo Valbuena
Software development: Hand Coded Studio, Joan Sandoval