Oasi - Antoni Arola

Audiovisual Installation, Digital Impact Exhibition, Barcelona 2023

This is a meditative space that immerses us in the colours of the celestial dome, from the blues of clear days to the multiplicity of changing tones that the sky gives us at dusk and dawn. The installation invites us to slow down the tempo and focus our attention and senses on a journey through the skies of the planet. From the explosion of colour of the aurora borealis to the murky skies produced by sandstorms, hurricanes or pollution. In addition to a sensorial immersion, this work is an appeal to be aware of the conflicts of the atmosphere, one of the central political spaces in the era of the climate crisis.

- Digital Impact

A precise timeline was developed with Chataigne and TouchDesigner, showcasing a wide spectrum of gradients mimicking diverse skies and atmospheres.

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Concept Creation and Design: Antoni Arola.
Development: ProtoPixel
Project Management: Catalina Ansaldi
Project Engineering: Lorenza Tabares
Content Creation: Marie Camberbec and Joan Sandoval
Coder: Joan Sandoval
Content Technical Support: Kiks Canto
Sound Designer: MANS O
Photos: Eva Carasol
Curation: José Luis De Vicente
Digital Impact Exhibition Production: Landscapes Agency