Problems - Floating Points

Music Video, Hamill Industries Studio, Barcelona 2022

This Floating Points’ banger is meant to agitate every single room that its ecstatic sound waves reach. We wanted to celebrate it with movement and dance and reshape it through sound, by using techniques that allow the sonification of images.

We used lasers that morphed and moved to the music, and we recorded them with a custom program that let us synchronise the laser refresh rate with the camera shutter speed. Playing with these parameters we could make the laser beams move slowly through the air, and even stop them still, allowing us to create different effects without post-production.

With this technique, we wanted to visually translate the feeling of music and rhythm pouring into you when raving on a dance floor. As Jal and Hannah dance, the light collides with their bodies and creates glimmers like electrical pulses like the irrational ones that make us move.

- Hamill Industries

The resulting technique came from extensive research around lasers and camera coordination and timings. The lasers are fully controlled by TouchDesigner - the different laser animation scenes initially created were later adjusted onsite to compliment and augment the dancers coreography.

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Direction & Production: Hamill Industries
Dance & Coreography: Hannah Ekholm, Jal Joshua
Producer: Sidney Latil
DOP: Nathan Grimes
Editor: José Ostos, Anna Diaz
Colourist: Dani Granado
Programming: Joan Sandoval, V.P.M
Hamill Team: Francesc Sòria, Oriol Castro
Stylist: Xènia Gasull, Jaume Miró
Hair & Makeup: Sandra Martín
Graphism: T.O.T Studio