TIENTOS AL TIEMPO by Pablo Valbuena


Tientos al Tiempo - Pablo Valbuena y Patricia Guerrero

Contemporary Flamenco Performance, Teatros del Canal Madrid, Lux Scène Nationale de Valence, Centquatre-Paris, 2021

The Tiento is a flamenco singing and dancing style (palo). In Spanish it means to touch something you cannot see: to explore, to try, to experiment, to induce, to instigate, to stimulate.

A series of experiments that expand flamenco dance in time and space, Tientos al Tiempo uses light and sound to visualise and augment the rhythmic patterns of the compás flamenco.

This is a hybrid performance where the mixed cultural influences of flamenco are intertwined and amplified using the immersive and trans-sensory potential of digital media.

- Pablo Valbuena

Custom software built with Max/MSP for realtime audio analysis. Used to control custom light columns during live performances.

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Concept, Staging, Scenography & Illumination: Pablo Valbuena
Coreography & Dance: Patricia Guerrero
Artistic Co-direction: Pablo Valbuena, Patricia Guerrero
Music & Singing: Sergio El Colorao
Programming & Sound: Cyril Laurier, Maya Benainous, Joan Sandoval
Control: Joan Sandoval
Co-produced by Studio Pablo Valbuena and Centquatre - Paris
Supported by Société du Grand Paris, Endirecto FT and Viavox Production